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  What If??

Have you ever found yourself asking ,
"what if this happens, what if that happens"?
Try the following* * *

* Breathe. (Are you chest breathing?? Try to bring it down and do abdominal breathing)

* Remember, symptoms won't hurt you. (They are merely your body's way of telling you to think differently.)

* Use positive self-talk. (Not always easy to do when you are anxious, so call somebody or listen to a tape/CD).

* Being anxious is okay. So is the whole spectrum of feelings that one might have...happy, sad, angry etc. Give yourself permission to feel. Fighting it only makes it worse.

* Use the adrenaline in a constructive way. All the energy you are feeling can be used for some exercise. Run around the block. Clean out a drawer. Anything except adding fuel to the fire.

* Distract yourself. Count your change. Count the bricks used on your home, or your neighbor's. Grab an ice cube, take a shower.

* Think about've come a long way. Yes, you have made some strides. Have you given yourself credit? It doesn't matter how small it is, you deserve to throw yourself a party!

*Put your "Positive Glasses" on and see how much farther you can go. Get excited about it!

* Let time pass. Nothing lasts forever.

* If all else fails, BREATHE!!
again and again and again

* Travel to those places you fear. Do the best you can. The next day do it again. You'll get less anxious each time you do it. You'll find that the more you do it, the easier it will get.

* Use the tools that A.I.M. provides. Take your pick 1-12.

* Avoid caffeine, this being coffee, tea, soda pop and unfortunately yes... chocolate. Try decaf or bottled water.

* The important thing is keep on keeping on. Do you remember the swimmer that was going across the English channel? Well, it was foggy and cold. Sharks were everywhere. She couldn't see the shore and so she gave up. Later she discovered that she was only a quarter mile from shore... Just because you can't see light at the end of the tunnel, doesn't mean it isn't there.