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Group Locations

All groups currently are held in Michigan





Bethel Baptist Church
25601 Gratiot Ave.
Roseville, MI 48066

Weekly on Wednesdays - 7pm



Holy Cross Lutheran Church
30650 6 Mile Rd. (between Middlebelt and Merriman)
Livonia, MI 48152
Contact: Robert
Weekly on Thursday at 7:30PM




Text Box: If there are no A.I.M. meetings in your area, why not start one? It's really simple, the qualifications are that you have a desire to help yourself and others, have some time to spare, and a public meeting place,. Just contact the A.I.M. office and we will assist you in any way possible. We will provide material for your meetings, weekly handouts, a leader's manual, etc. Just call (248)547-0400, or e-mail
Huntington Woods Lutheran Church
12935 W. Eleven Mile Rd (between Woodward and Coolidge)
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
Contact: Mary Ann
Weekly on Mondays at 7 pm


   We obtain guest speakers from time to time, to share their expertise on various topics, we go on field trips, (which help to expand your comfort zone) and most importantly, we offer support, not only to the A.I.M. member, but to their significant others.

   The group meetings are open to all, even if you're just "nervous and jerky". You never should feel "trapped" at a meeting because you are free to get up and walk around at any time Written literature is given at every meeting, but in order to obtain the literature, you must attend the meeting. This gets you out of the house and motivates to risk feeling anxious. Although at your first meeting, you may share some of the symptoms you may be feeling, after that it is felt that swapping symptoms is non-productive. We want to remain solution oriented. Medication is a favorite topic, however, we ask that you leave that solely between you and your doctor, not the members of the group. We can, however, advise that you do not use alcohol or illegal drugs along with your medications. Please let your doctor know if you might be pregnant. Caffeine has been proven to trigger panic attacks, so it is also advised that you refrain from anything which contains caffeine

SYMPTOM SWAPPING - Symptoms are something that members are allowed to talk about at their first meeting. Most of them need to know that they are not alone, but after that we want to remain solution oriented.