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Come celebrate 34 years of support, and recovery from anxiety disorders!

Dr. James Gall PhD and Co-owner of Excelsior Psychological Services, Holly Aulph MA, LLP will be speaking on social anxiety.
Friday, May 19th 2017  - 6:30PM
at the Huntington Woods Lutheran Church
12937 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Huntington Woods, M

Present members will take a few minutes to speak of their own recovery.
Bring a dish to share!










Welcome To AIM!

    AIM is a support group organization for people suffering with any type of anxiety disorder. Although everyone has fears, and everyone has anxiety, over 20 million people (with anxiety disorders), find that they are affected to the degree that their life is immobilized...they just can't be sure if they will be able to walk out the door, or do any of the things that they need to do..
For some of us, fear is a constant, life threatening, serious, no-laughing, matter.
For others, it interferes with us living the "free" life that we deserve to experience.
   The reason for the fear resides in our thinking and behaviors. We,that have this condition, are highly intelligent, people-pleasing, friendly, etc. The problem lies in interpreting events and bodily symptoms in a catastrophic way, making our world appear unsafe. Once we learn to see our world as being safe, friendly, and positive, we begin to live the life we deserve. 


    If you experience extreme anxiety, such as...
panic attacks, palpitations, dizziness, blurred vision and the accompanying depression, AIM is here to support you as you travel the road to recovery. We will give you some tips that have worked for us. Whatever is challenging you, we know that you are stronger than you think. Recovery from an anxiety disorder is 100%. It is treatable, arrestible and recoverable, IF you work the tools of AIM. It may be hard to believe, right now. Take a little step. HAVE A LITTLE WILLINGNESS. Believe just a little bit. If you don't believe it, we will believe it for you, until you come to that place yourself.   We will not deliver your groceries to your door step.  Nor, will we have on-line support groups.  BUT, what we will do is have face to face, in person, support groups, where we can share AIM's tools and look you in the eye, and say, "YOU CAN CAN DO IT!  WE BELIEVE IT FOR YOU!"
Many of us have found that having an anxiety disorder is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. (Seriously!) It's made us stronger. Once recovered, we find that we can do the most amazing things, things that "normal" people would have a hard time doing!



    Shallow breathing may lead to increased anxiety and even panic attacks. Some people theorize that improper breathing is the entire cause of panic attacks. In any case, learning proper breathing techniques may not only benefit you as a relaxation exercise, you may feel a sense of calm overall if you learn to breathe properly.

Take a look at our website to discover more, or better yet, join us at one of our meetings!

Last Updated April 24, 2017

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